Statement on Coronavirus (Covid-19) Customer Update 18/3/20

In light of the unprecedented crisis, which is affecting us all, our priority at Prima Cheese is to safeguard the health of our staff and to ensure that we continue to operate production and dispatch.

Like the rest of the business nationwide, we have been seriously discussing how we can continue to function and what they will look like in the days, weeks and months ahead.

All our departments have come together to work on the next steps the company will take to be able to be prepared as much as possible to mitigate the impact on our business and our service to you as much as possible.


So, what are we doing?

From Monday 23rd March the majority of our office staff will be working remotely and will not be in on site. This reduces significantly the risk of the virus spreading throughout our company.

For the skeleton office staff remaining on site, there will be a rotation system in place within departments to ensure that real time work and communication can be maintained. These staff will be temperature checked on arrival on site as standard, and all canteens have been segregated to avoid any cross contamination between the various departments.

External meetings and visits have now all been cancelled to limit the footfall of any non-Prima personnel.

Delivery drivers are not allowed to use our site facilities or vending machines and must remain in their cabins to be offloaded – this is for raw material intake into warehouse as well as office supplies.

All production staff are temperature checked upon shift arrival as standard and will be monitored throughout their shift. Canteen and restroom facilities are now completely segregated.


How will this affect you?

Hopefully, not at all, but please be mindful that during this time, the response time to­ some of your questions may take a little longer than usual.

All our office departments that support the ordering and delivery service to you have full technical access to our systems whilst working remotely.

Our sales teams, credit control and transport departments will operate in exactly the same way they have done before – either by telephone or by email.

If you have the extension number of the person you would like to speak to – then use this option – it will divert the call to the relevant person/department at this time of limited office staff being available in office.


How long will we operate like this?

Nobody knows! We hope that we can go back to ‘normality’ within a few weeks, but the system has been set up to be as robust as possible to withstand this method of operation for as long as necessary.


Will supply chain be disrupted in the coming weeks?

Prima Cheese are in constant contact with our suppliers to ensure that the supply chain remains as well equipped to maintain the current volumes of product to enable us to be able to operate.

There is no cause for concern currently; we have the capacity and product to be able to supply our customers so there is no need to panic or to over order.

Order your regular volumes, place your orders on your specified order days, please try not to add on unnecessary quantities to ‘stock up’ as we have no indications or concerns of any supply chain issues.

IF/WHEN we do, we will inform you accordingly! You will be the first to know!



We need to all work together in the next weeks to ensure that our supply to you is as undisrupted as possible as the nation prepares to lock down in self-isolation and the demand for pizza home delivery increases!

Please play your part in supporting our delivery drivers by offloading your deliveries quickly, using your own pens when signing paperwork, and avoiding any unnecessary direct contact.

Stay safe, stay healthy and look out for each other.


Best regards


The Prima Family