Prima Cheese makes a first class ingredient

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using state of the art equipment

Do you make first class food


Prima cheese has a vast knowledge of cheese, and how it works in so many different products, from the way it melts to the way stretches.

If you are looking for a cheesy new ingredient or adding to tastes to your products. Prima cheese can help you get the perfect cheese for your new food range or make your current food range even better.

Quality Ingredients

We supply to food manufacturers

We are a dedicated dairy processing company focusing predominantly on cheese, offering a number of convenient formats from block to grated/shredded and diced in a variety of recipes to meet all cost requirements.

We have our six brands which include Prima, Elite, Simply Dice, Soprano, Buttercup Cheddar and Simply Melt. This allows us to be versatile with our products meeting all customers requirements.

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