Private Label

Custom Labels, Boxes, Designs. We can do it all for you!

Beautifully designed boxes and labels

Private Label


As well as being able to offer customers our fantastic range of products in Prima branding, our in-house design service can develop a Private Label to suit your requirements for various markets, with an aim to support and maintain long term business benefits with our new and existing partners.

Design Service

We offer an in-house design service which will comply with any of your requests concerning private labels. You can forward your existing logos or brands for us to develop into a private label or we’re able to offer a full design service to create a suitable brand or print for your business. Private labelling is available to both UK and Export customers.

Printing Capabilities

The private labelling service is ideally suited to export customers. Based on our knowledge and experience of exporting products to many different markets worldwide, our export and design teams will liaise with you to create a label for your product that complies with local regulations.