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Prima Cheese

Established in 1996 with a strong family heritage which has built the backbone of the business. Prima Cheese is one of the biggest cheese processors in the whole of the UK. We are a dairy processing company specialising in cheese used predominantly for pizzas.

We are committed to developing and evolving our products, systems and processes to meet the requirements and the demands of an ever changing global market place. Our main interest was and will always be to support our customers and to add value to our partnerships.

Our Products

We have the perfect cheese product for you!
whether this be pure cheese, an analogue cheese or a blend.

Our Markets

We supply to many different markets in the cheese world,
such as export, UK sales, and Industry.

Our Factory

Prima Cheese has state of the art technology,
processing cheese into any grate, shred or blend you require.

Contact Us

We have a great team, and they will do everything they can to help you.

Want to know more?

What we do

Prima Cheese is a vast growing food production company, built from the foundations of a strong/proud family heritage.

We specialise mainly in Pizza Cheese which is our core business, but have diversified into the supply of other dairy products primarily for the foodservice and food manufacturing markets.

Who are we

With over 20 years’ experience within the UK food supply market, our solid foundations and knowledge within the dairy market allow us to create longstanding and transparent partnerships with our clients offering a service and product which is simply unbeatable.

Our incomparable blend of dairy products is created to offer a versatile dairy solution for foodservice and food manufacturing services.

How we do it

Prima Cheese is based on efficiency so we believe the easiest way to describe our business is to keep it simple.

We have access to Europe’s best manufactures of Mozzarella, Cheddar, Processed Mozzarella and analogue cheese products. We take these ingredients to then Shred, Blend, Bag, Pack, Label and Distribute them to our partners within the UK and Worldwide.

Where we supply

Prima Cheese is becoming the UK’s most well recognised and respected brands for pizza cheese and dairy supply within the domestic and global market.

As well as this we pack private label and custom branded products to many Worldwide destinations.