Block Cheese

Many types of Cheese

All in block format

We are able to process our cheese range into various formats including Block. All our blocks are vacuum packed to ensure maximum shelf life and come in a variety of weights and sizes to suit a variety of markets.

Pure Mozzarella

Semi-hard mozzarella suitable for slicing, shredding, grating. All our mozzarella is sourced from Europe and the characteristics that define this versatile cheese is superior melt with a clean, creamy flavour. 

Available: 10kg / 2.41kg (fixed weight)

Pizza Topping

Our unique semi hard mozzarella style product containing a mixture of cheese and vegetable oil.

This product has been formulated exclusively for Prima Cheese, and contains all the attributes of mozzarella and is available in block form. Can be used as entirely as a topping or ingredient or partially blended with other products. Suitable for both hot and cold applications.

Available: 10kg / 2.5kg (variable)

Pure Cheddar

Both white and coloured cheddar are available in this famous hard cheese variety, and come in either medium or mature flavours. Our cheddars are predominantly sourced from Ireland and have been carefully selected to maintain our standard flavour and texture profile. 

Available: 10kg / 5kg / 2.5kg (variable weight)


This unique semi hard cheddar style product contains cheese and vegetable oil. Added cheddar flavour is available in white or coloured options, and is available in block form. Formulated exclusively for Prima Cheese, this versatile product can be used alone or blended and translated well in both hot and cold applications. 

Available: 10kg / 2.5kg (variable)