Our Cheesy Products

Where dairy cheese and cheese alternative products are concerned. Prima Cheese stands alone!.
We are specialists in the cheese shredding and blending process and excel among other pizza topping suppliers.

Block Cheese

We are able to process our cheese range into various formats including Block. All our blocks are vacuum packed to ensure maximum shelf life and come in a variety of weights and sizes to suit a variety of markets.

Cheese Formats

We are able to produce any of our natural cheese and VEP cheese blends in whichever format is suitable for the application and requirements of the market.

Pizza Blends

Our range of pure mozzarella and blended pizza topping cheese can be blended and adapted for different domestic and worldwide markets.

Strings & Ropes

Mozzarella Cheese string used for stuffed crust pizzas.

Cheese Slices

Our Cheese Slices are the perfect accompaniment to our range of dairy products.
They make a perfect sandwich filling/burger slice.

Private Label

our in-house design service can develop a Private Label to suit your requirements for various markets


Prima Cheese is now offering a Vegan option, the first catering only Vegan Cheese